FAGA TYRES warrants, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations stated herein, its tyres to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

All tyres are designed and manufactured to carry the loads at the appropriate speeds given in the ETRTO standards.

Normal and moderate use is considered as long as no foreign materials are destroying the tyre and as long as braking, accelerating and steering forces are within the normal driving conditions.

Sizes of tire and rim should correspond to each other. The rim should be to ETRTO standards and free from defects with all applicable components being used. The rim should also equal or exceed the load capacity of the tyre. 

Industrial solid tyres should not exceed the standard average speed at an average load of 75% of the maximum rated load.

Any tyre that becomes unserviceable due to defects in materials or workmanship shall be replaced by another comparable new tyre where an allowance of current price towards purchase of a new tyre on a pro-rata basis based on tread wear / un used tread would be given. The cost of transportation, service and sales tax already paid should be borne by the owner.

This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser for three year from the date of purchase.


This warranty does not cover:

1.       Abuse, misapplication, irregular wear due to impact loads, improper mounting or incorrect rim that does not comply with International specifications or fitted or used in contravention of any State or Territory laws or regulations or in contravention of the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer or used on wheels or rims that are out of alignment, under sized, oversized, damaged or rusty, vehicle accidents or damage, direct or indirect effect of any accessories to the products, overloading or over-speeding beyond limits specified by ETRTO or US Tire & Rim Association, altered (including the marking), reprocessed or repaired in any way (including re-grooved or re-treaded), bought second hand or blemished, fitted or used in breach of FAGA TYRES conditions of use or technical specifications as published from time to time.

2.       Incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of time, loss of production, vehicle or rim damage, cost of towing or transportation and any other consequential damages of any nature.

3.       Cosmetic blemishes or marks on the tyres.

4.       A black solid resilient tyre beyond 2,000 hours of service and a non-marking solid resilient tyre beyond 1,000 hours of service.

FAGA TYRES makes no expressed or implied claims of expected tire wear. Variables that affect tire wear are driving conditions, load, speed and adherence to safety and good practices.

No dealer, agent or representative has the authority to make any promise or assurance on behalf of FAGA TYRES except as stated in this warranty policy.

To obtain warranty adjustments please contact FAGA TYRES at info@fagatyres.com Claims must be made within 30 days of discovery of defect.

FAGA TYRES reserves the right to inspect all products before making adjustments.

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